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Subtle Ways to Showcase Your LGBTQIA+ Pride at Your Wedding

LGBTQIA weddings are becoming legalised throughout more and more countries and we love it! Sugar and Spice has been keeping up and we have seen the amazing growth and evolution in LGBTQIA weddings, with more couples investing in big wedding celebrations and wanting to show their love just like any other couple. Many LGBTQIA couples […]

Wade & Mohammad

Real-life Wedding: Wade & Mohammad

Sugar & Spice have had the amazing pleasure of working with Wade & Mohammad twice now on their amazingly beautiful weddings and in honour of this month’s theme, of celebrating LGBTQIA love, we thought we’d get in contact with Wade to have him share a bit about their story. There is something significantly special about […]

COVID Update for Wedding Restrictions

This article is written on the 30th of August, 2020 with the most up to date information, as per the most recent government updates, on the 29th of August, 2020. There will be further blog posts regarding any changes to keep everyone updated. Okay so by this point, with all the recent restriction changes, you […]

LGBTQIA Friendly Venues and Vendors

It can get so frustrating when you are researching vendors and venues! The, sometimes, tedious process usually ends up looking like this: Look up a website Look at a second website Go back and compare to the first website Redo these steps to double check your comparison of information is correct Continue comparing between what […]


The world is changing! The world is celebrating more LGBTQIA love and Sugar & Spice Events is loving it! We understand that whether you are looking at elopement packages, a wedding planner on the Gold Coast or just a wedding stylist; the wedding traditions and customs must be able to change with the couple. Sugar […]

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What to Know About Wedding Insurance and COVID

Insurance is that thing you never want to pay for, hope your never need but when disaster hits, you are relieved to have it. This is particularly true for weddings. Everyone dreads situations where wedding insurance is required, but with the overwhelming COVID related consequences on weddings and the wedding industry, wedding insurance may actually […]

Studio 54 60th

One of the things I love best about this job are the fabulous people I meet. Of course… not all fabulous… but every now and then there are those firecracker clients who you just know you could be best friends with, the ones you could ponder the meaning of existence in the first 10 minutes if conversation, the ones that light a spark and inspire me to be better.

Burlesque 30th

This theme is a stunning reminder of a time gone past, leaving an impression on your guests one lacy stocking at a time. Saucy specialty acts, feminine feathers and rich decor in black, burgundy and violet, imaginations run wild with our Basement Burlesque Soiree….a tasteful yet tantalising birthday celebration.