Studio 54 60th

One of the things I love best about this job are the fabulous people I meet.

Of course… not all fabulous… but every now and then there are those firecracker clients who you just know you could be best friends with, the ones you could ponder the meaning of existence in the first 10 minutes if conversation, the ones that light a spark and inspire me to be better.

Lorilie is one of them.

This woman… if colour and sunshine and positivity could be personified, Lorilie would be the result. She is supernatural, with youth and energy that time can never touch.

Image Credit: Dan Molloy

Just in case you don’t know, Studio 54 was a New York City nightclub, reaching the heights of infamy and decadence in the late 1970’s. When disco was king, celebrities and starlets flocked to the club that was a transcendent experience of theatrical sets and incredible lighting.

Studio 54 was notorious for the open club drug taking, with psychedelics available as readily as a G&T. In three short years, the club was shut down as the original owners were charged and convicted of tax evasion. Yet here we are, 38 years later, still talking about it. Studio 54 has left an indelible print on pop culture and the imaginations of dreamers like me.


Before guests entered the room, they had a taste of the theme with an incredible disco inspired balloon photo wall.

Metallic silver balloons with disco balls, stars and moons created a magical wall for guests to pose in front of. Illuminated cubes, and huge balloons with silver tassels took the place of daggy photo both props, and moving lights added to the theatre of this space.

As guests arrived, I loved watching the hugs and kisses of old and new friends, standing in front of this booth to get a memory snapped with the birthday girl.

At 7 o’clock, the designer Versace doors opened to reveal the Wonderland we created inside. Enveloped in colour, the room was lit in hot pink, blue and purple, with movers projecting onto the stage and dance floor.

A stunning model served champagne from her ballgown and welcomed guests into the room.

Using fabulous fringed curtains, we created chill-out booths with ottomans, shaggy rugs and sequinned cushions. These areas were perfect for guests to rest their dancing feet but still see all the action.

Cocktail tables glimmered in silver sequins, and disco balls were EVERYWHERE! We piled them into vases, onto tables and between shiny white candelabras. They reflected the light around the room to add even more sparkle.

Illuminated furniture created cluster seating areas and these glowed in hues of pink and purple.

A truss arch with disco balls and a huge Studio 54 sign was built over a white stage, and huge light up letters screamed DISCO! An incredible light up dance floor was placed in front, and guests needed no encouragement to get on it.

An amazing party needs an amazing cake, and suspended over the D-floor was an edible disco ball with the birthday girls name.

As guests arrived, I felt the energy and love in the room, and my heart swelled knowing that we had created this elevated moments for them to revel in.

There were no illicit substances but the Moēt was free flowing, along with signature cocktails like “Staying Alive”, a delicious Gin concoction, and “Somebody’s Mistress” with Prosecco & Mint.

An entertainment extravaganza, the stage hosted Darryl Murphy, Lisa Hunt and a surprise performance from Disco Queen Trevor Ashley.

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This was more than a party…the love was palpable.

There wasn’t a dry eye during speeches when Lorilie’s children said the most exquisite things…I turned to the person next to me and said I was going home to make 18 children…just so one day I could experience love like that.

I am SO GRATEFUL to create events like these, and still can’t believe my good fortune that I do it every week.

Thanks for having us Lorilie, you DISCO SUPERSTAR!

Decinda xx