Construction Party

This party was LOADS of fun!! Even more so because it was for my little one, marking the momentous occasion of making it through the terrible twos to the age of the THREENAGER (don’t get me started).
Little boys parties are FUN, and even though we’ve only done three, each year has reflected his interests at the time (except the first birthday…that was alllll me). This year I knew he would get it though, and he was talking about his construction party for weeks before it happened. Probably because I was. 
So what did we do?
It started with an empty marquee that had none of the frilly bits to perfectly fit the raw construction theme.
Pallet walls backed the marquee, with food and present tables set in front. 
Long party tables were dressed with black tablecloths and a road print overlay. Construction plates and cups followed the colour scheme of orange, black and yellow, and fun foil balloons were eye-catching centrepieces. 
I had #somuchfun creating the food station, encouraging guests to “dig in”. Using mini dozers and diggers to hold hummus, and chocolate “logs”. Dump trucks held chippies and lollies were displayed in plastic totes. Even though we didn’t have many, it was still too much! The incredible truck cake came from our friends at Riverhouse Sweets.
Rather than structured games, we used the outdoor play area and let kiddies run wild! Huge balloons adorned the playground and connected the play area with the marquee. Giant balloons were placed inside the trampoline, and they managed to last about half an hour. Construction vehicles were put in the sandpit, and I made some mini construction sites with an old sand and water play table. 
After a few crazy hours of a construction kiddie festival, when everyone had departed and it was time to settle into our bedtime routine, my little Archie said sleepily “Thank you for making my party so boo-full mummy”. 
Heart melt. 
So… if you want to throw your little darling an amazing construction themed birthday party, don’t hesitate to get in contact.