Baby Shower

On a perfect Gold Coast Winter's day, Cinderella celebrated her baby shower.

In the formal, fairytale gardens of Evergreen, she gathered with her friends in a silk lined marquee to celebrate the impending birth of her first child, a baby boy.

fairytale tea party theme, the celebration was a complete indulgence of her pretty imagination, with hundreds of flowers, elegant furnishings and  a blue and lilac colour scheme.

Round tables were overlaid with satin and further embellished with silver charger plates and napkins decorated with individual flowers. Centrepieces were tall glass candelabras sprouting from a bed of flowers, with tiny teacups brimming with blooms poking from the top.

White ottomans and coffee tables provided more relaxed seating to soak up the Winter sun and indulge in a cup of Ritz Carlton tea.

A decadent lolly buffet featured home made chocolate treats and a variety of naughty blue confectionary.

The cake was a work of art, a giant storybook with the inscription "Life itself is the greatest fairytale of all".

Little girls frolicked under Lacey parasols, and big girls laughed and ate and celebrated the long awaited event of a new baby.

It was an amazing day to celebrate with friends, that will never be forgotten!

So much thanks to all of the incredible folk who contributed:

Evergreen Gardens 

Deliciously Decadent Cake Design

Stem Design Florals

Paper Divas

Farrago Creative