Parties are fun…and the launch of something new is even more so. There’s so much excitement and buzz and shiny newness.

That’s why we had big love heart eyes on all day as we were styling a chic cocktail party for the grand opening of the new Gold Coast Landrover Showroom.

Our team of event stylists on the Gold Coast created a lavish and eye-catching entrance with florals standing 3m tall, with huge white blooms and greenery cascading from oversized urns. A stunning living red carpet from Velvet Rope Entertainment ensured that guests were enthralled as soon as they stepped through the huge glass doors.

Illuminated furniture, ghost stools and white ottomans combined for a modern and sophisticated look, and pretty florals by our friends at Moss n Stone accented table tops.

Our fave detail was a white baby grand piano, with balloons of all sizes exploding up to the roof and spilling onto the floor in a flowing, organic formation.

We loved every minute of this event and are grateful for the opportunity to do what we love for this prestigious brand.