Why Hire Sugar and Spice as your Wedding Planner

We highly recommend booking the top three vendors, otherwise known as the Holy Trinity in the world of weddings, that are a quintessential part of the whole wedding process.  The Holy Trinity consists of your Venue, Photographer and Wedding Planner.

Planning a wedding can be an intimidating undertaking, especially when you’re not sure where to start.  Weddings are such beautiful life events, yet it can be quite stressful.  Here at Sugar and Spice Events, we are truly passionate about putting together wedding memories that will last you a lifetime.  So why not have a professional give you a hand navigating through planning your big day.  It is an investment, that we believe is worthwhile to ensure that all the boxes are ticked, your worries are put at ease and you enjoy not only your special day, but the journey to get there as well!

Sugar and Spice Events have compiled the top 10 reasons why you should book a wedding planner from our team.

1.  We Care

The Sugar and Spice Events Team not only works with our brides and grooms, we build relationships with each and every one of them.  Planning your big day can be a long and arduous task, but it doesn’t need to be when you have a Wedding Planner by your side guiding you every step of the way.  We are in the business of bringing visions to life, dreams to reality; it’s something that we live for, and we want nothing more than to ensure that your big day and getting there is as seamless as it can be.  Our hearts come from a genuine place and we would want your experience to be as beautiful as possible from beginning to end.

2.  Time Management

Planning a wedding can take some time, especially if you want it done the right way.  There are many intricate details, and having the time to do it all, and take care of a household, and go to work can see your plate somewhat full.  Having a wedding planner ensures that the organisation process doesn’t come to a halt and continues on a steady stream.  We keep you up-to-date and confident that all the boxes are ticked every step of the way.

3.  Recommendations on Reputable Suppliers

Working in the industry of weddings, we have worked with a variety of vendors.  We are able to recommend the most reputable of suppliers that are able to produce quality work and excellent customer service.  Not only will you get great advice on where to turn, we’ll be able to liaise with your chosen vendors on your behalf.

4.  Quality Control

Every bride and groom has a specific vision of how they would like their wedding day to be.  As Wedding Planners, we act on behalf of our clients.  Because of this, quality is of the highest importance.  Should there be anything wrong with a specific service, we are able to ensure that any problem that may arise is quickly corrected.  Our attention to detail is second to none! 

5.  Provide Tips and Tricks

We’ve seen it all – the good, the better, the best!  Should the wedding planning process find you in a bit of a pickle, we are able to provide you with numerous ideas and solutions to make the process much easier for you .  After all, this needs to be a process you enjoy and remember for a lifetime!

6.  Flexible Payment Terms

Now, money is a topic that a few people find to be quite sensitive to talk about.  We’re not going to shy away from this one, because at the end of the day budget is king and we completely understand that!  Our fees are quite reasonable, especially if you break the bill down to 12 months worth of wedding planning.  In saying that, we are able to provide you with flexible payment terms to allow you to spread out your finances easily.

7.  Budget

Speaking of budget, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive breakdown on where your money would be spent based on industry estimates.  Should you find yourself over the budget, we can work with you to try and find alternatives, or solutions so that you are still able to have your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

8.  Communication and Support

In this day and age, everyone’s busier than ever.  It comes as no surprise that sometimes your fiance would rather leave you to make the majority of the creative decisions.  Your bridesmaids and your mum would be your next point of call to assist you in a lot of the wedding details.  We love the idea of getting the family involved in planning your big day, BUT let me remind all of you brides that this is YOUR day!  What’s important is that your fantasy as a little girl is fulfilled on the one day you’ve always dreamed about.  This is where we say that you should turn to someone who can provide the ultimate guidance and be completely honest.  We are here to lend you all the support that you need, and are able to take control should you need us to.  Just tell us what you’re feeling, and how you’re going with the whole process and we’ll be there to listen and support you all the way through!

9.  Distance

Planning a destination wedding can be as every bit exciting and worry-some.  We completely understand!  Here at S&S, we have experience in planning both international and interstate weddings.  Having confidence in a reliable Wedding Planer will give you the assurance that the job will get done the way you want in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

10.  A Point Person

A Sugar and Spice Wedding Planner goes beyond any other and can help you manage the day’s events without you knowing so much as a hiccup.  Having a central Point Person will allow you and your soon-to-be husband to enjoy the day for what it truly is – your wedding day.  Whether it be late suppliers, timeline changes, stains on dresses or suits; we’ve got our trusty bag of tricks to make sure that we’ve got a solution to whatever it is that may be thrown our way.

The truth is, there is a a lot of time, energy, focus and commitment that goes into planning a wedding.  Although there will be a lot of fun and exciting times ahead on your wedding day, there is a big amount of research that needs to be done, details that need sorting, payments that need to be made, meetings that need to be attended – the list can be endless.  Having us on board your team not only assures you a beautiful wedding day, it guarantees you a smooth-sailing process.

We truly do hope we get to build relationships with you, and in the near future – see you walk down the aisle (with tears in our eyes).



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