A weekend at Limpinwood....

Posted on: June 25, 2012

I must tell you about the weekend I have just had....because it's the best one I've had for a long time....

I was taking part in a wedding open day at Limpinwood Lodge, a stunning country location in the Tweed Valley, overlooking rolling mountains, fields and forests.  Tough gig!  Here's how my day started....

The owners, Robyn & Bob very kindly gave my hubby and I two nights accommodation in exchange for decking out their silk-lined marquee.  We were happy for the little get away and I was looking forward to it for weeks.  After I finished the set up on Friday night, we retired to our luxury chalet.  We were in the honeymoon suite and decided the first duty of the night was to have a bubble bath.  Of course, this is not your standard bubble bath, it is outside, overlooking a rainforest, surrounded with tea light candles.  We sat in the bath drinking port and eating  boutique chocolates that were waiting for us in our room.

Soon after we got out, we were picked up by Robyn & Bob,  two of the world's friendliest hosts and ferried to Flutterbies,, a local restuarant in the town of Tyalgum.  I use the word "town' in its loosest form because it consists of a pub, a general store, a mechanic, a gift shop and Flutterbies.  That's the whole town...and it was wonderful.  Flutterbies is rustic at its best, an old timber shed converted into a restaurnat with  mismatched chairs, a pot belly fire, exposed beams and a wooden fence with old coffee bean sacks thrown over the top boasting Papua New Guineas best oven roasted beans.  They even have blankets thrown over the backs of the chairs to warm your chilly winter legs.  Attached to it is a gift shop full of tea cups, tea pots and lavendar products....and next to that another shop selling everything to do with fairies.  My wallet was in trouble.

I filled myself on home-made spelt pizza, good conversation and drunk in the people around me.  I have never been to a place where it seems that everyone actually knows everyone.  They greeted everyone with a hug and a kiss and looked them in the eyes as they asked about their week.  I took notice.

We ordered a desert pizza to go and made the short trip back to our lodge.  It didn't last long that desert pizza....caramel fudge, creamy custard and nuts on a pizza base.  Max Brenner's has NOTHING on these.

End of Friday....

Saturday was our open day and photo shoot.  My amazing photographer saw works of art before they happened and scouted locations I hadn't discovered yet, yellowing maple trees, an ancient wishing well, a moss covered love seat.  I played photographers assistant and dutifully followed him around, marvelling at the shots he showed me as they happened.  We met some lovely couples who enjoyed champagne, canape's, cake tastings and massages.  Limpinwood Lodge know how to turn it on!  Here's a pic of the marquee I snapped on my iPhone....the professioanl shots will come soon enough!

The sun went down and we retired to our luxury chalet once more. The fire had been burning all day and our room was toasty warm. Sprawled on the soft couch we ate more port and chocolates  and did something I haven't done for a long time....NOTHING. I was forced not to work because there is no Internet down here. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.  I haven't zoned out in SO LONG....I felt guilty for not working.

Sunday morning we didn't roll out of bed until 9am!!!  The beds at Limpinwood are like clouds. The gobble you up as you sink into them. I woke up in the same position I went to sleep in, THAT'S how you know you've had a good sleep. Andy added more fuel to the smoking embers of our fireplace. More fresh bread was tucked into the hole in the wall for our breakfast.  Did I mention that before?  Bob makes fresh bread every morning and brings it down to your room while you are still sleeping so there is something there for you when you wake up.  Speechless.

I laid in bed and reflected on my weekend....

Limpinwood Lodge is not your average weekend escape.

Limpinwood Lodge is coming up for air.

It is taking your blinkers off that have been plastered to your eyes by work, responsibility, phones, emails and daily routine. You don't even know you need it, until you do it. I can see why some people come back here year after year because after just one weekend, I am addicted.

Robyn and Bob have created a home away from home and become your extended family. They are the reason Limpinwood stands out from the rest. They have carefully selected their favourite things from their own travel experiences and wrapped them up in three stunning chalet's. The love they have for this place is apparent in every cozy detail, from the selection of books and DVD's, to the slippers and dressing gowns, the home made bread, jams, butter, bottled water, eggs (from their pet chickens of course) and orange juice in the fridge, bowls of fruit that have been picked from the property and the crystal decanter of port and chocolates that greet you on arrival. This was not a money-making venture for them, but the desire to have a place of escapism for couples to reconnect and rediscover each other. Thank you Robyn and Bob!

If you value your time as much as I do, you should value taking just a little bit of it back from the world and give it to yourself as a gift. You will function better in society if you do.

If you value your partner as much as I do, there is nothing better than sitting in an outdoor bubble bath, looking into a rainforest, surrounded by candles and not needing to say anything at all.

If you value these things, Limpinwood Lodge is just one hour from the Gold Coast. It's waiting for you.



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