Wedding of Quin & Melissa

I wonder if there is anything more beautiful than young love?  It’s so rare to find and even more rare to keep.

This was one of those weddings that celebrated the epic love story of Quin and Melissa that started when the couple were just 15 years old.

I wasn’t there when they met and don’t know the intimate details.  What I do know is that my beautiful husband was and still  is one of the groom’s best friends and when Quin & Melissa got engaged, I threw myself at them to let me help with the Gold Coast wedding.  A celebration of a thirteen year romance that had been anticipated for nearly a decade was not one I was going to miss out on.  So Melissa and  I started planning the theme and all of the exquisite components that would make it unforgettable.

No detail was left out and the results were a classic white wedding with hints of peach and silver, roses and peonies, luxury crystal candelabras and many gorgeous mirrored details.

Quin & Melissa had been living in London and after 6 months of planning across the miles…the big day arrived.

I was lucky enough to be a guest at the wedding and the atmosphere was one of excitement and pure joyous fun as a group of high school mates got together to eat, drink and be merry.

The ceremony was held at St Augustines Catholic Church in Coolangatta.  It is a gorgeous church and I highly recommend it to those looking for a Catholic wedding venue.  My favourite moment was watching Quin try to keep it together when he first saw Liss walk down the aisle.  Blinking profusely and taking big deep breaths….his heart visibly beating faster with every step she took.  She looked amazing of course in her Pronovias gown and arrived by classic car care of Gold Coast Vintage Car hire.

Wedding of Quin & Melissa_Image1.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image2.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image3.jpg

Credits to Josh from White Pearl Photography for the incredible images…

The solemnity of the service was broken as they exchanged their vows, took their first kiss as husband and wife and the congregation wooped with excitement.  I’m seriously getting teary as I’m writing this…

Although I was a guest, I had to rush away after the service to ensure the reception set up was on track and the bridal party went for photos.  White Pearl again did a brilliant job and the gorgeous flowers are from White Ivy Design

Wedding of Quin & Melissa_Image4.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image5.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image6.jpg

Of course, my trusty Sugar & Spice team were all over it and the room looked INCREDIBLE.  It’s one thing to design a concept on paper but seeing it in the flesh was spectacular.  It just looked like a fairytale and was exactly what these two star-crossed lovers deserved.

Wedding of Quin & Melissa_Image7.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image8.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image9.jpg

As I put the finishing touches on the lolly buffet I began to get excited for the arrival of the guests and especially the mother of the bride.  It’s my favourite part of course, to see people’s reactions as they enter and you can know that you did a good job.  She did not dissapoint…her reaction can only be described as awe-struck and I once again felt priviledged to have played a role in one of the most important days of her life.

Guests arrived and we enjoyed pre-dinner drinks while the DJ played and a live saxophonist accompanied him.  We had created a gorgeous area with a vintage lounge and guest book frame for everyone to sign.  Cocktail tables had flowers from White Ivy Design and candles everywhere.  The focal point of the room was our fab lolly buffet backed by a fairylight backdrop.  We had really wanted to do something different with this so we made a shelf out of a long mirror and vases with submerged roses.

Wedding of Quin & Melissa_Image10.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image11.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image12.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image13.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image14.jpg

The night went on….

The meals were amazing, staff faultless and the champagne flowed freely.  The reception was held at Saltbar in Kingscliff and is a perfect venue for anyone looking for a relaxed, beach side atmosphere with close accommodation and 5 star service.

It came time for speeches and they  were AMAZING.  This couple are surrounded by so much love and have close relationships with everyone they went to school with so there is so much history between them.  The highlight was when a discerning bridesmaid saw fit to pull out some tattered letters Quin had written as a teenager about his now bride.  Priceless!  Their speeches to each other were particularly moving and I found myself trying desperately to control my overwhelming emotions.  I’m a big baby at the best of times and this was just too much.   Speeches were a highlight and we did not want them to end.  They were so heartfelt and funny and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Then the wedding waltz….Alicia Keys “If I Aint Got You”…. I know alot of people use this song (in fact I did too), but watching these two dance was a sight to behold.  It was like they were looking at each other for the first time….no awkward “don’t look at me swaying” here…  It was absolute infatuation and to have that after being together for so long is something truly extraordinary.  They lauged and loved and cannoodled and I stood and stared.  They are Monica & Chandler…Lilly and Marshall…Romeo and Juliet.

Wedding of Quin & Melissa_Image15.jpgWedding of Quin & Melissa_Image16.jpg

Being in the presence of true love makes you believe in it again, and no matter where we are at in our lives, we all need that.

So thank you….to Mr & Mrs Smith.

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