Wedding Budget Hacks

Weddings are expensive…we get it.

Stressing about the wedding budget is the last thing you need to add to everything else that is going on as you are planning a wedding, so we’re here to help!  

We’ve compiled some of our best wedding budget hacks to help you have the wedding you want for a price that works for you.

1.  Create E-Invitations

Save on the costs of design and printing, by creating something yourself and emailing to your guests. If you want them to be pretty, check out hundreds of designs on Etsy that can be personalised to suit your theme (important) and you can print them later if you choose to.  PS – we’ve recently worked with Preppy Digital Art and have been really happy with the product and service.  You’re welcome!

Another way to forego invitations is to create a wedding website, that you can update with all of the details of your wedding.  You can then just send guests the link and they will have the latest information at their fingertips!  You could do this yourself, but we recommend talking to our friends at Birddog Marketing who will save your time and frustration with their own wedding website packages that are more affordable than you think!

2.  Hire a Dress

I know I know….the dress is everything right? But if you really need to pinch pennies this is the way to go. Hiring a Dress doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style…check out Glam Corner or for Bridemaids or any other special occasion, One Night Stand

3.  The Fake Cake

Put fake layers in your wedding cake.


Everybody does it, but nobody talks about it You can still have an impressive cake beautifully decorated, and no one will ever know that the bottom 2-3 tiers is actually polystyrene. You cut the top tier, which is the smallest and real one, then serve guests desert that is included most times in your package with the venue.


We love working with cake artists A Little Cake Place (Brisbane) and BAKED (Gold Coast).  These ladies are happy to work with you to design a cake that suits your tastes (pardon the pun) and budget =)

4.  Music

Now we’re huge fans of live music, but if it’s just not in the budget, use an iPod.  Hire a speaker and put some killer playlists together for each part of your wedding. Try not to use your phone for this…you will need it during the night. And be sure to appoint someone to look after this so you don’t have to.

5.  Don’t DIY

Don’t DIY your décor.  This may sound counter-intuitive, but once you buy or make everything and spend weeks and months doing so, you would be so much better off to hire it. There are hundreds of hire companies and prices are pretty reasonable across the board. You can save by collecting from them (no delivery fees) and commissioning friends and family to set up for you on the day or the day before. (No labour fees).  Check with your venue if its possible to set up the day before as this is always the better option, but if not, book people in in advance and get as many together as you can so everyone still has time to get ready before the ceremony.

6.  Do you need to hire cars?

If you’re staying at your venue the night before, bonus. Most of them have buggies or cars that can get you to your ceremony location then around for photos. If not you need a car to ferry you around. The best priced limo company we’ve found is Corporate Limousines. Or, borrow some hot cars from friends who may have them.

7.  Ask for help

Get Maids & Men to help : this one is a bit of a sore point for lots of people, but you can always ask for your bridal party to cover the cost of their outfit, hair and makeup in lieu of a wedding present. If they are your nearest and dearest, they will be more than happy to! Just consider their pockets too, and don’t choose an expensive gown or suit that they will never wear again.

8.  Leave out the favours

Don’t worry about bonbonniere…dinner and drinks is gift enough! Unless it’s something really meaningful, practical and personalized (or delicious), the truth is your guests probably won’t keep their bonbonniere, so it’s an expense you can save yourself.

So there you go! Just like that you have saved up to $10,000.00 from your wedding budget!


The savings we have outlined here are based on “average” fees of weddings of 80 – 100 guests, or the average costs of services and products.  Every wedding is different, so these savings shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but they are a really good indication of how mush you can save by making a few small adjustments to your wedding. 


If you would like to discuss these in more detail or your wedding planning and styling in general, lets chat!  You can call our office on 1300 508 811 or email us here.