Subtle Ways to Showcase Your LGBTQIA+ Pride at Your Wedding

LGBTQIA weddings are becoming legalised throughout more and more countries and we love it! Sugar and Spice has been keeping up and we have seen the amazing growth and evolution in LGBTQIA weddings, with more couples investing in big wedding celebrations and wanting to show their love just like any other couple. Many LGBTQIA couples have been finding ways to specifically show their pride on their special day. Whether it’s an extravagant and public, or hidden and private detail that shows your support for the LGBTQIA community, we here at Sugar and Spice Events are all about making it happen! We want to help you come up fresh and creative ways to show your pride throughout your wedding! Here are some creative ideas that Sugar and Spice are loving seeing throughout the wedding industry:

  1. Show your pride from the moment you start planning!There are numerous ways you can show your LGBTQIA support from the very beginning and through this you may even find these subtle details may even help slowly ease those family and friends, that are still working on their personal journey of acceptance, into accepting your wedding more. Wedding invitations do not necessarily mean white envelopes and white paper with black or gold writing; why not use the colours of the pride flag! A rich purple envelope with a soft lavender parchment and complemented by elegant gold writing would look amazing. You could have an arrangement of invitations, all showcasing a separate colour. Why not take it one step further and create a unique monogram or include one which represents two brides, two grooms or gender non-conformity etc?
  2. Incorporating pride colours into your wedding attire!As Gold Coast wedding planners who see a lot more LGBTQIA weddings happening, Sugar and Spice are loving all of the creative ways LGBTQIA couples are subtly or not so subtly incorporating the pride colours into their wedding attire. Some of our favourites include rainbow socks, coordinated coloured bowties, ties and suspenders (so the wedding party is an amazing rainbow), rainbow boutonnieres and bouquets, mismatched lapels which involve different colour flowers of the pride flag. Why not even break the tradition and have a coloured dress instead of the traditional white? What about a coloured designer pantsuit or even coloured suits in general? Bright coloured shoes? So many opportunities! You are not limited!
  3. Violet, violet, violet!Here’s a bit of Sugar and Spice trivia for you! Do you know how violets and their colour became known to represent lesbianism and bisexuality among women? The symbolism, which has been recognised since the 600s B.C., is attributed to an arrangement of fragments from the poems of Sappho, who originally utilised the flower and its colour as a code to represent her love for other women. She wrote of lovers and maidens wearing violet flower crowns and garlands. This symbolism was embraced even more after the play La Prisonniére by Édouard Bourdet used a violet bouquet to represent lesbian love. These days, purple has been widely embraced to represent spirit and community on the LGBTQIA community’s official flags.

    Why not adopt shades of purple into your wedding if using all the pride colours does not suit your theme? Imagine a beautiful bouquet of lavender surrounded by baby’s breath or have lavender accents throughout your wedding parties’ attire, or even choosing lavender bridal party dresses or suits. Not only is this a beautiful colour you can use in your theme but its presence can have subtle yet significant symbolism at your wedding. You may even take the opportunity to explain the history to your guests and use it as a public representation of your LGBTQIA community support.

  4. Hidden rainbows!Want a more subtle way of including the pride rainbow in your wedding? Sugar and Spice have a few ideas!
    1. Slice into a rainbow cake! Depending on what flavour of cake you desire, you may be limited to what colours will show up in the cake mix; however, something like a vanilla or lemon flavour will show up the colours of the pride flag, loud and proud!
    2. Serving personalised colourful cocktails that showcase colours of the pride flag (no one need ever know that the colours represent something, they are just drinking a fun and colourful drink!)
    3. Those colourful hidden socks we were talking about!
    4. A colourful garter for under the bride’s dress. Or even colourful lingerie for later on!
    5. Rainbow, sparkly heels for the bride or any bridesmaids, this can be a hidden detail if the dresses are long enough.
    6. Colourful party favours. Keep the pride going by giving out colourful party favours to your guests and make it even more interesting by handing them out at the of the night in a plain and not transparent bag/box; let them go home to discover their bright and colourful present within!
  5. What about your décor?Sugar and Spice love décor, we love playing around to make your dream day as beautiful and lavish as can be. Imagine what we can achieve if you want elements of the colourful pride flag incorporated into your décor? Imagine having each flower of the mismatched floral lapels displayed in a floral arrangement at the end of each row of guest chairs and even spice it up by using matching coloured bows around each chair in that row! Why not even play around with colourful lighting? You could even have an amazing archway at the end of the aisle that is just filled with colour and life of the pride flag.

    There are so many opportunities LGBTQIA couples can take when wanting to incorporate their pride into their wedding, whether it be extravagant and public or a hidden personal detail. Sugar and Spice know that we haven’t even begun to open that lid on the jar of cookies that is ideas on how to ‘show your pride at your wedding’! But, love is love and Sugar and Spice will relish in the opportunity to help you show your pride, after all we love planning and styling. Styling with heaps of colour just makes everything more interesting and fun!

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