Romance & Roses Wedding

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Last weekend we styled a gorgeous wedding.  The bride asked for a relaxed dinner party atmosphere, dripping with roses and candlelight.  We can do that!

This wedding was not one of the bigger weddings we have planned, actually one of the smaller.  The bride was relaxed and easy going, trusting us to make decisions on her behalf.  It was a stress-free gig.

However, for some reason, for the three nights before this event, I had nightmares.  These were the wedding equivalent of the “in your pyjamas at school” kind of dream.  Every night I had visions of broken show plates, mal-functioning back drops and forgotten suppliers.  The dreams would go so slowly, like setting tables under water and no sooner as I had finished, I was back at the begginning again.

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After every dream, I would wake in a cold sweat before the sun rose and quickly fire up the lap top next to my bed to check and re-check that I had everything in place….which of course I did.

The big day arrived and the execution was flawless with very pleasing results.

Our Roses & Romance theme created a lavish and luxurious dinner setting  for  guests to celebrate.   Rich red tones, the opulence of gold and fragrant fresh roses fill the room with classic glamour.

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We had a big surprise for wedding guests that day, an Australian first in fact!

At the eleventh hour, we commisioned the services of a unique aerial act from Gold Coast based entertainment company, Aerial Angels.  The Champers Parlour is a one-of-a kind aerial apparatus, with a stunning French hostess sitting delicately in a trapeze, surrounded by glittering neon lights & crystal beads.

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Ms. Champagne swings down effortlessly, decked out in head to toe red & black with sequinned stilletos (of course), and pours champagne for her adoring guests below.

It was quite a sight with the backdrop of the clear night sky and the still, dark lake that  fronts the Garlic Clove Restaurant.

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