Fairylight Marquee

Today’s post is all about our stunning fairylight open air marquee.  This is frame structure swathed in flowing linen and adorned with fairylights overhead.  It is ever so versatile and we have trawled the web to find exciting inspirational images to show the diferent ways it can be used.

1.  As a frame for your wedding ceremony or reception

The fairylight marquee’s number one use is as a deluxe frame to surround your wedding reception.  The structure is 12m x 9m at its largest which allows enough room to comfortably seat 100 – 115 people.  It can be broken down into smaller sections for more intimate celebrations, or even individual “tents” as the images below demonstrate.  We have taken inspiration from the incredible Karen Tran to show you the possibilites of this structure, and there are also some of it in action at the recent rustic vintage wedding of Bianca & Steve (read the whole blog post here).  If you would prefer a closed in marquee, we can help with that too, and this fairylight frame can make for an awesome dance floor so your guests can boogie the night away under the stars and glitterng fairylights as seen at  the wedding of Mickayela and Isaac Luke in Cosmo Bride.

If you are looking for a venue for your Gold Coast Marquee Wedding, make sure you check out Polly’s Country Kitchen.  For a Northern NSW location, visit Limpinwood Lodge.

Fairylight Marquee_Image1.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image2.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image3.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image4.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image5.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image6.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image7.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image8.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image9.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image10.jpg

2.  Overhead Draping

To acheive a  flowing and romantic look,we can have billows of soft fabric gracefully draped over the frame to acheive a look similar to the below images.

Fairylight Marquee_Image11.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image12.jpg

3.  Lighting!

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of wedding decor as it completely changes the look and feel of a space.  It also ensures your guests can see what they are eating at outdoor events!  Our Fairylight Marquee (as the name suggests) is strung with 180m of fairylights which immediately create an enchanted and whimsical atmosphere.

Other options include festoon lighting which you can see examples of in the below photos.  See the full range of our lighting options for hire here.

Fairylight Marquee_Image14.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image15.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image16.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image17.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image18.jpg

4.  Entrance Feature

Each section of the frame is 3m wide which means this versatile structure can easily be used piece by piece to create striking entrance features to your wedding ceremony or reception.  Curtains and colours can be themed to suit your wedding theme.

The below images are inspiration from around the world to show you what is possible.

Fairylight Marquee_Image19.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image20.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image21.png

Fairylight Marquee_Image22.jpg

5.  Ceremony Arch

The 5th and final way you can utilise our fairylight frame is to create a pretty feature for you to say your vows in front of or underneath.  We can create a boxed area to stand in, or a simple arch structure with flowing white fabric as pictured in the inspirational images below. The frame can also be used to provide light shade for your ceremony guests with draping overhead.

Fairylight Marquee_Image23.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image24.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image25.jpg

Fairylight Marquee_Image26.jpg



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