Expo Tips

On the 29th January Sugar & Spice Events will be exhibiting a the Your Local Wedding Guide expo held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.  It’s always such a fun day and we love meeting with excited brides and grooms to chat about their big day.

We have exhibited at many expos over the years, and if you are planning on attending in January, here are our top tips to ensure you get the most out of your day:

1.    Know what you are looking for – You might be right at the beginning of the wedding journey, and you will need everything.  The first thing to look for is a VENUE so ensure you chat with these vendors and take home their packages to look through.  You might already have a venue, and just require styling, floristry or maybe a photographer, so bee line for them and get what you need.

2.    Ask the right questions – The first thing you need to know is are they available for your date?  The second thing you need to know is what do your packages start from?  Once you have the availability and all-important budget ticked off your list, you can chat at leisure.  You will feel a “click” when you engage the right vendor for your wedding, and we believe this is done within the first conversation, so feel the chemistry!

3.    Create a wedding email address – Be one of those super cute couples that has an email address just for their wedding.  This is handy on so many levels:  You don’t clog up your personal or work account, and you can delete it after the wedding to stop receiving any unwanted mail.  Win win!

4.    Stickers with details – Everyone you speak to will need your contact details.  If you want to save your vocal chords, you can be uber organised, and print out stickers before the event with your name, phone number, email address and wedding date.  This will make a huge difference on the day, and save you so much time.

5.    Fashion parades – these are always a huge drawcard, and they happen a few times throughout the day.  At these time, the aisles CLEAR OUT and if you have already seen them, it’s the perfect time to chat uninterrupted to that vendor that you just want to get a little more information from.  You could even time your arrival to coincide with the parade, so you can wander around while it’s on and get everything you need to know, then stay for the second showing.

6.    Don’t be scared to chat – remember, everyone who is there, is there to assist you with your wedding plans.  That’s why you came right?  If you’re not looking for their particular service, just let them know and move right along…

7.    You will receive emails after the event – Don’t delete without reading!  Most vendors create special offers and discounts especially for those who attend the expo and you could be missing out on huge savings if you move them straight into your trash file.

We can’t wait for this event, and we look forward to seeing you there!  If you would like to get in early and discuss your wedding with one of the best in the country, don’t hesitate to call us on 5568 0523.

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