Enchanted Garden Wedding

On the 5th of June 2012, I was lucky enough to confirm a Gold Coast wedding that would enable me to fulfill my dreams of creating an Enchanted Garden event.

It all started in 2011 when I organised a styled photo shoot in the theme, paying tribute to my obsession with a Mid-Summer Nights dream.  We spent a very hot August day shooting in a park with stilt walking fairies, a gorgeous green tree snake and an enchanted themed table covered in moss and flowers.  It was so much fun and an opportunity to create something direct from my imagination.

Some of the photos from the shoot actually ended up in Queensland Brides Magazine, and that’s where our fabulous clients, Jody & Brian found us.

It was such a delight to find a couple that had a vision to do something different to the norm, and that I could bring to life a theme that I loved so much.

Fast forward 6 months and the big day had arrived!  We had bags and bags of moss, some amazing crystal centrepieces, hundreds of candles, an empty marquee and a team of excited wedding stylists.

The venue was Polly’s Country Kitchen, an incredible property on the way out to Springbrook surrounded by forest and a beautiful spot to set a very enchanted wedding ceremony.

On this particular weekend, there were massive storms forecast and we were all just hoping it wouldn’t break until the evening when everyone was safe and dry in the marquee.  It was one of those Gold Coast days where the air was THICK with inescapable humiditiy and being in this creekside location, the march flies and bull ants were out in force.  We were sweating it out setting up the ceremony, praying that it wouldn’t rain, battling the GIANT blow flies and thinking “wow this wedding business is just all glamour!”

Our fabulous florist, Janine from White Ivy Design was busily decorating our centrepieces and just before she left advised that we move the ceremony because it was going to rain.  Nah…..we’ve just set it up!  We’ll be alright.  She kept going and then said she was leaving…”I would really move that ceremony if I were you” she warned….I looked up at the sky and using all of my non-existent weather forecasting skills decided that the big dark clouds forming overhead wouldn’t burst and saturate us.  I left it where it was.  Why?  Because my beautiful bride had made it very clear to me during the week that she would get married in the torrential rain if it meant having it in the location she wanted.  We simply couldn’t move it.

I left it where it was…..AND then the heavens opened.

We quickly decided we couldn’t leave it where it was as we were using the same chairs for the ceremony and reception and the guests would have wet behinds the whole night.  So myself, my four off-siders and a team of caterers made a mad dash for the chairs and began to run them up to the marquee, two at a time. We couldn’t stack them as they were covered and decorated with flowers and bows.  Did I mention there were 122 of them? And  a hill?  And 300% humidity?  And we were now all soaking wet….and puffed???   It wasn’t fun.  I decided I could skip a gym session that week.

We carried on with the set up and I decided that next time, I would listen to my all-knowing florist.

Despite that minor set back…I still loved it…every exquisite detail! From the willow green chair sashes, moss table runners with sunk in candles, spectacular candelabras that appeared to grow out of the tables themselves and the intoxicating scent of hundreds of red roses.

The wedding ceremony came and the rain held off.  The searing heat and flies however did not and in between holding back tears as the bride and groom said there vows I was slapping away the giant blood-suckers and switching my weight from foot to foot trying to relieve my tired feet and ankles that had been going like road runner since 7am.

After the ceremony the bride had organised a giant picnic for her guests and games for all the children.  There were jumping castles and bocce, giant chess and a sand activity.  Guests were sprawled on picnic blankets  watching their little ones enjoy the festivities and sipping cool pink champagne.  I was just a teeny bit jealous 🙂

Myself and our team continued to set the marquee and after 7 hours….it was nearing completion.

The cake was delivered by the master – Mr Yenner of Yenner’s Cakes.  It was a work of art, the bride and groom surrounded by their 9 children who were all depicted as gum nut babies with individual distinguishing characteristics.  The artist ran to get the bride to ensure she was happy with his work and as she drew closer I realised that she hadn’t seen the reception yet.  I was standing at the centre of the room and saw her reaction as she took her first glimpse.

This is the moment I do what I do for…and it did not dissapoint.

Her hands flew up to her face as her jaw dropped and her eyes filled with tears.  She just stood there and I looked around at my off-sider and we were both crying too.  In that moment I forgot my itchy bites, the suffocating humidity and my achey feet and calf muscles from lugging the chairs up the hill in the pouring rain.  I was reminded of the importance of the events we create.  I had the job of creating an unforgattable space for this couple to share their first meal as a husband and wife.  This is a one time event and one of the biggest days in a person’s life.  I felt privliledged to be a part of it.

From that moment, I was on a high and the rest of the day went off without a hitch.  The rain held off until everyone was seated for dinner and once that happened no-one cared when it started.  There was a succulent feast by Top Nosh BBQ, festive music by Irish band The Barley Shakes, a romantic candle ceremony, many moving speeches (the groom’s speech to his mother was particularly beautiful) and dancing in the rain.  I was even the recipient of a speech!  In front of all the guests I was made to come to the front, thanked profusely and presented with a bottle of Moet.  I’m not good at accolades but I stood awkwardly and gratefully accepted.

Every wedding we do is lovely, and I attack all of them with the same passion and creativity, but this one was dear to my heart and will never be forgotten.

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