Downton Inspiration

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So, I  am an abolute SUCKER for any period dramas and anything oldy worldy.  I was completely besotted with Underbelly Razor because it was set in the 1920’s.  Even further back than that is Downton Abbey which I dropped everything for every Sunday night it aired last year.  I’m EXCEPTIONALLY excited to know it returns to our screens again once more this Sunday.

Why do I love it?  It’s the femininty of the dress, the innocence and optimism, peace & prosperity. I suppose it seems like a simpler time and in my life, in all it’s glorious business, simpler is quite attractive.

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Anyway, I digress…this blog post is about this old world glanour to which I am so addicted and how it can be relfected in my life and my work…

Firstly, this very Downtony dress from Claire Pettibone….how amazing!!

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 And whether it’s a wedding or everyday wear, you simplay cannot look past our very own Kitten D’Amour…

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On the decor front…more is more with textured fabrics, opulent settings and baroque style furniture…

Downton Inspiration_Image6.png

Downton Inspiration_Image7.jpg

And I couldn’t finish without showing this incredible cake….and what my bridal party might have looked like if I was born 200 years ago…

Downton Inspiration_Image8.jpg

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