Darlings, we see you.

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun right? Especially on the Gold Coast!

If you have been planning a wedding over the last 12-18 months we know it’s been rough. Event Planners in Brisbane and Gold Coast know more than most the impact of the constantly changing restrictions and how it has been affecting people planning a wedding or celebration.

Bridal Shoot

But we gotchu boo! We’re here to help with an update on where we are now and where we hope to be heading.

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has completely changed the planning and executing of weddings and events across Australia and the world over. 2020 saw all weddings postpone, venues empty and thousands of wedding planners and stylists and other professionals outof-work over night.

When the clock struck 12 on December 31st and 2020 turned into 2021, we all hoped that the imaginary NYE line would bring some relief and a glimpse of the return to “normal” we were all hoping for.

Covid Safe Weddings

As I write this, Brisbane has just come out of a 3 day lock down which was enough to crush the above hopes as we teetered on a knife’s edge waiting to see if the COVID gods would be kind or cruel, leading us to further lock downs or release us to go back out into the wedding world and continue with our plans.

It seems the latter is true, so where are we now?

The golden rule is this: 2 sqm per person. If you are getting married at home, and have 50 people you want to invite, you must have 100sqm of space in which the event is being held.

If your wedding is under 50 people, you can proceed without doing anything but following the golden rule. No checklist or plans or prohibitions…just you, your love and your nearest and dearest.

If your wedding is over 50 people, you will need to comply with a COVID safe Event Checklist. You can see this here. If it looks overwhelming to you, it’s probably because it is. When I first scrolled through I was imagining all of the hours I am now going to spend filling these out for every event….the joy


So, if you’re getting married at home or in a private venue let us save you the hassle of boxticking and hand over the COVID Safe wedding planning to our team of Gold Coast event managers.

If you’re getting married in a venue, you should be covered under their own COVID safe event plans so no need to worry about a thing.

We found this handy graphic over at Easy Weddings that really explains the current cans and can’ts. Click here to see more and find restrictions for each state.

Public Weddings (Venues, Parks, etc): 200 people
Private Weddings (Home): 50 people
DISTANCING/PHYSICAL SPACE: 1 person per 2sqm if electronic record keeping is used. Otherwise, it’s 1 person per 4 sqm.
FOOD & BEVERAGE: Standing and seated eating are permitted under a COVD-Safe Event Plan. The cake used for the ceremonial cutting fo cake should not be served to guestss. Buffets are not permitted.
DANCING: Permitted. No restrictions.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Social distancing
MASK RULES: No restrictions

So look – it’s not ideal and we know it. But if you want to vent, or cry or chat, we are wedding planes you can count on. Sugar & Spice Events is based on the Gold Coast but works throughout Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne. We will go Australia-wide if you love what we do!

And we don’t just do weddings either. Check out our corporate event planning partner Event Society. For four years discerning clients planning a Gold Coast corporate event have been going nuts over our service and exquisitely creative detail. Event Society has a team of passionate event managers throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane to ensure your awards night, gala dinner or conference is truly unforgettable.