Chair Decor

When you are decorating a space with what really breaks down to chairs and tables, the chairs are a very important feature of event design.

We like to think of different ways to decorate them, that suit our client’s theme and colour scheme.  Below are some of our faves:


There can never be too many flowers in your design.  Flowers bring a room to life, and look amazing tucked into the back of chair sashes, or tied with ribbon around the chair.


If flowers aren’t your thing, greenery just might be the answer!  Curly pieces of ivy twisted through the back of a tiffany chair is a whimsical touch, or greenery garlands attached to chair backs or down an aisle gives a luscious botanical look.

Satin Sashes

The humble chair sash can be tied in a variety of ways to create different effects.  We love tying them in diagonal bows, or vertically and decorate with a buckle or brooch for a glam or vintage feel. Classic bows can also be pretty for a high tea event, or lunch time soiree.

You can browse many amazing colour options and styles of chair sashes on the hire section of our website here.  Alternatively, if you are looking for styling inspiration, or information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.