The world is changing! The world is celebrating more LGBTQIA love and Sugar & Spice Events is loving it! We understand that whether you are looking at elopement packages, a wedding planner on the Gold Coast or just a wedding stylist; the wedding traditions and customs must be able to change with the couple. Sugar & Spice love all love; we want all weddings to reflect the couple and not just follow the traditions society expects to see in a wedding. We see the movement within the wedding industry that tests the boundaries of wedding traditions and we are having so much fun planning inclusive celebrations. If the traditions are for you, then that’s perfect; but if you want to break the traditions, we want you to know that’s perfect too and Sugar & Spice have some ideas for you!

Blended wedding parties:  Bridesmen and Groomsmaids are on the rise! More and more couples are opting for wedding parties where gender need not apply! This allows both of you to include anyone special to you in your wedding party. Who doesn’t want that?

Photojournalistic photography:   Not only do blended wedding parties allow you to play around with fun layouts of photos, Sugar & Spice have recognised the new found love of photojournalistic style photography from LGBTQIA couples. Some individuals may still be growing in their personal journey to accept LGBTQIA love and unfortunately sometimes couples may not have a person present at the wedding that they would have loved to be there. Wedding planners have found that the photojournalistic approach allows couples to capture all the countless candid moments of the day, rather than leaving you with formal photographs where you might just always see that one person missing.

Non-traditional attire: Should we both wear dresses? Should we both wear suits? The only right answer here is, WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT! Here at Sugar & Spice we tell every and any couple to wear whatever suits your style and your story. We thrive on creativity, not the traditions. If you both want to wear suits, the stunning white gowns or even opt for a flamboyant coloured attire, that reflects your style, then we are 100% behind your creativity.

Walking down the aisle:  Whether there are two brides or no brides, traditional gender roles need not come into play.  Wedding planners and LGBTQIA couples are playing around with breaking the expected traditional processional for various modifications.  These include:

–        Walking down the aisle one after the other

–        Walking down the aisle together

–        Creating two aisles where you both enter the venue to meet in the centre

–        Both walking down the aisle with your father or mothers or both;

These are only some traditions that you may choose to change or exclude. But, as you think about wedding traditions, Sugar & Spice want to leave you with this one thought: Your wedding is to celebrate the love of you and your partner, so focus on what makes the day special for you. If the people you invite love and respect you, they will never want you to feel uncomfortable following traditions just because they are “traditions”. Make your day yours!