7 Wedding trends in 2017


It may be true that marriages are made in heaven, but they’re sure organised here on planet Earth. And, as experience confirms, it takes time, effort, and skills to plan and put into action a perfect event. Luckily, there are professional wedding planners to take care of everything from picking the colour of flowers to making sure all guests are ‘wined and dined’ to a perfect condition.

But the truth is that modern weddings are more than dancing and food and beautiful bride. New trends appear every year, and 2017 is not an exception. So, no matter if your are a wedding planner or a happy bride-to-be, you’ll sure benefit from all that’s written below.

Personalised Invitations

In case you are a bride, your first touch of wedding happens when you say ‘I do.’ If you are a wedding planner, it all begins with a first personal meeting with a bridal couple. But when it comes to guests, they get their first touch of a wedding with an invitation you send. And the good news is that it’s never been a better time for wedding correspondence. If your goal is to make a heart-warming family wedding, try personalised invitations. Handwritten ones will make your guests feel valued, while foil stamping or ink that glows in the dark will sure catch their eye. 

Personalised Fans by Lovenotes

Drone Photography

Taking pictures plays a huge role at any wedding. That’s why wedding photographers are in such a great demand. Although most bridal couples prefer a classic approach to photography on their big day, a little experiment sure won’t hurt. If you’re one of those who keeps up to the times, consider drone photography as a bonus to traditional one. With a drone, you’ll get some breathtaking shots that would otherwise be impossible to make. 

Drone Wedding Photography

Natural Decor

They say details matter. And this statement becomes especially true when it comes to weddings. Details help create the right atmosphere and fill the day with happy vibes, which is a necessary component of any big event. There are plenty of wedding decor ideas, but floral decor runs the show for many years in a row. However, if classic roses and tulips make you yawn with boredom, consider using exotic flowers. They are just as beautiful as traditional wedding flowers, but eye-catching and remarkable at the same time. 

Bouquet by Stem Design

Virtual Planning

In case you can’t decide between planning a wedding on your own or hiring a professional to do things for you, you’ll be glad to find out there is one more alternative. Apparently, your smartphone is up for the task too. With services like Loverly or The Knot Wedding Planner, you can heave a sigh of relief and keep everything under control without a need to spend a fortune on the best wedding planner in town.  

All-greenery Bridal Bouquets

If you want your wedding to stand out, be ready to think big. Although it’s true that wedding day is not the best time for big experiments, it doesn’t mean you should stick to classic no matter what. Especially, when trends of the year are so lovely. All-greenery bouquets are so stylish and tender and out of norm in a good way that you sure won’t regret this little variation of the norm. 

Greenery Wedding Bouquet

Dynamic Decorations

While old-school candles, ribbons, and floral decor might do the job just well, 2017 calls for something entirely new. Consider taking it one step further by using dynamic decor. If industry trendsetters are right, dynamic decor is the next big thing in the world of weddings. But you never know until you try.

If the history has taught us anything, it is that trends come and go. You can follow them or ignore completely, but here’s one thing you should remember whatever path you choose: make sure to enjoy the moment. They say that wedding day is the happiest one we have. 

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