2014 Event Wrap Up

There isn’t any denying that events is a stressful industry. Helping brides to plan a day they may have dreamed of since they were children means expectations are impossibly high. Or corporate events that are booked late in the game and every detail must be delivered seamlessly and on time. It is an industry of action where you must think on your feet and be able to do a hundred things at once.
2014 has been a year of extremes, from  euphoria to melancholy. Lucky for me, there were many more good times than bad and looking back I can see that I needed to experience the lows to learn lessons, and find peace without perfection. I’m still learning.
I started putting this video together just for marketing reasons, as a record to promote some of the work we have completed throughout the year, but when I watched it for the first time I felt a huge sense of pride swell within me. I wasn’t ready for that, and my eyes welled up. We did that. I did that. There was not a second to stop and appreciate it at the time, because there was always the fast-approaching next job to give my attention to, but now, it’s quiet New Years Eve day and my office is quiet (because everyone is on holidays!). I can freely relish in the prettiness, the flowers, the tables and smiles of our overjoyed clients. I can lose myself for a moment, in what we have achieved this year. I feel empowered. My heart races and I remember my love for setting pretty tables. It is the same passion that led me to founding the company in 2010, but as the saying goes I am older and wiser and don’t have bright blind-eyed optimism to blind me. I am going into 2015 knowing who I am and what I want.
I know you won’t have the same emotional attachment I do to this video, but I would love you to watch it anyway.
Credits to  the venues who have hosted us:
To the photographers who captured our work:
Also to our amazing team, Kimberley, Francesca, Trina, Christina, Emily, Nikki, Martin and Annie
**NOTE:  because I’m a huge Rhianna fan, and have put one of her fab songs as the backing track to this, it can’t be watched on a mobile device or tablet.  My appeals to YouTube fell on deaf ears!  You can watch it easily from your desk top though =)