1950’s Wedding Inspiration

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If I was to get married again (which I won’t be, which is why I’m a wedding planner to indulge my every wedding fantasy)….I would undoubtedly opt for a 1950’s theme.  Anyone who sees me on a day to day basis knows that I pretty much dress like I have stepped straight out of 1953, and I love the constant comments I get about my loud and unusual outfits.  No outfit is complete without gloves and pearls and something pretty in my hair…I really am quite a sight.

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What do I love about it, you ask?  It’s the femininity I think.  The fact that you would dress up to go anywhere at all, even if it was just to the shops.  You would never catch a lady of this era in a circa  2012 adrogynous costume women get around in today, no darling a LADY never left the house without her hat and gloves.  The fashion from this era is absolutely spectacular…..

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I once read a quote by Dita Von Teese that said “I advocate glamour. Everyday. Every minute” “Glamour above all things”.  She went on to say that sweat pants spiritually chafe her and if she needs to be cozy, she will snuggle a fur stole.  Oh Ms Teese….what a high bar you set.

It is for this reason that I rarely leave the house without dainty stilettos and my lips painted a delightful shade of ruby red.

But I digress….this is a wedding blog and I wanted to share with you all some gorgeous pics of 1950’s wedding inspiration I have found…

1950's Wedding Inspiration_Image4.jpg

I LOVE these multicoloured dresses and bright paper bouquets…..

1950's Wedding Inspiration_Image5.jpg1950's Wedding Inspiration_Image6.jpg

And these classic and vintage details like an old bik used as your welcome sign, or a whiskey bar (so “IN” right now)….add a few cigars and this is an opulent treat for your guests.

1950's Wedding Inspiration_Image7.jpg1950's Wedding Inspiration_Image8.jpg



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