Masquerade Wedding Inspiration

I’m a BIG fan of Masquerade events.  I love the theatre of it all, the extravagance  and luxury.  So, today I am planning my fantasy Masquerade wedding….

I would of course start with the invitations.  I love the idea of a scroll that guests unfold, it has such an old world quality about it.  I also love the eye mask invitations in rich black and gold….these would undoubtedly give your guests a taste of the opulent celebrations that were to follow.

The dress wold be huge – a gown worthy of the era with layers and layers of fine fabrics.  It would be set off by some dramatic eye makeup with glitter and jewels, that could be covered with a mask for the reception.

The mask itself?  So many options!  I think I would have a few…and instead of changing dresses I would change my mask.

The ballroom would of course be lavish with no detail left unstyled.  Chandeliers would be nestled among reams of ceiling draping, with tall candelabra centrepieces dripping with flowers towering above the tables. Candles EVERYWHERE.  Luxe embroidered fabrics.  More is more!

masquerade event must have exquisite entertainment, and my guests would be treated to Aerial Angels hanging from the ceiling in huge ballgowns that reach the floor.  Costumed Ballerinas would rove the floor in full body paint and delicate masks.  Guests would be served champagne as they enter from a exotic hostess who pours upside down from a glittering chandelier.

We would dance the night away and live happily ever after….in my masquerade fairytale dreams.




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