LGBTQIA Friendly Venues and Vendors

It can get so frustrating when you are researching vendors and venues! The, sometimes, tedious process usually ends up looking like this:

  1. Look up a website
  2. Look at a second website
  3. Go back and compare to the first website
  4. Redo these steps to double check your comparison of information is correct
  5. Continue comparing between what feels like a million different websites

Trust me, as wedding planners in Brisbane, Sugar & Spice understand how annoying researching different vendors and venues can be and it always feels extra amazing when you find a reliable website that has everything categorised under easy-to-understand category titles. It feels equally as amazing when you find genuinely helpful articles from real people, who write about their real experiences planning their wedding or truthful reviews about working with certain vendors.

As more of the world grow to accept LGBTQIA love, the wedding industry has recognised so many more LGBTQIA friendly venues, vendors and destinations, both in Australia and overseas, identifying as just that: LGBTQIA friendly. Even better, more and more articles are being written to make your planning easier! It is always helpful to hear others stories who have walked the same sort of journey which you are now embarking upon. You may have concerns regarding elements of your wedding or how to adjust your wedding to suit you as a couple and sometimes finding that one article that shares their version of their experience, around what your concerned with, may help put your mind at ease.

Now like we were saying earlier, there is nothing worse than having to sift through heaps of websites to find venues and vendors where you truly feel accepted as a couple but Sugar & Spice Events are here to help you with this. Not only are we a LGBTQIA friendly wedding planning and styling service, we are able to help you find other vendors just like us!  We recently stumbled across this little gem: “Australian Same-Sex Wedding Directory”, which Sugar & Spice is happy to announce we are now associated and listed with. It these little finds that are going to help the planning of your wedding go so much more smoothly! We understand that LGBTQIA couples have fought hard to be where they are when it comes to acceptance and recognition of LGBTQIA weddings and it will always be our privileged to help find equality-minded venues and wedding suppliers who are 100% behind marriage equality.