RSPCA Million Paws Walk


Sugar and Spice Events are big advocates of Man’s Best Friend!  Today, we post in honour of RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk.  Every year, 18,000 dogs enter QLD RSPCA shelters and they need your help!  The first step to helping our furry friends is always awareness.  For those of you that are thinking of getting yourself a dog, please do your research and know what your dog will need from you.  They’ll need a lot of time, love, attention and exercise!  In exchange, you will get loyalty like no other, a ton of cuddles and all that furry-love goodness!  Meet Frank and Chloe, Francesca’s fur-children 🙂

Dogs these days are no longer just there for security and protection, they’ve become part of the family.  They make us happy when we see them running around like loons, sad when they’re sick, and we actually miss them when we go on holidays.  It comes to no surprise that dogs are becoming a common-sight at weddings.  It warms our hearts to see couples with wide-eyed smiles on their faces when their dogs are part of one of the most important days of their lives.

Go on, admit it – this made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  Go give your dog a cuddle!



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