Rainbow Weddings & Events

“Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.”

There is just something about colour.  It excites the senses and promotes fun….almost a child-like quality where anything is possible.

With the recent (fabulous) ruling of marriage equality in the USA, we have been inspired to research Rainbow themed weddings and events, and have collected the very best images from around the world.  You can be inspired even more by following our board on Pinterest here.

For weddings, small details such as place cards and invitations can be themed to add subtle hints of a spectrum of colour, without overdoing it.

This same sense of fun can be carried through to event styling, and balloons and streamers are a low-cost but effective way to add vibrant colour to your event.  Ideas include hanging from a marquee to make simple chandeliers, suspended over a ceremony area, or from a colourful wedding arbour.

Bouquets can be completely amazing, with one of favourites the last image that incorporates pom poms, streamers and huge, unstructured blooms.

For corporate events, colours can be mixed and matched with multi-coloured chairs, table linen and centrepieces, or the tables themselves can glow with the use of illuminated furniture and clever lighting.

Whether you are planning a party, wedding, corporate event or any other type of celebration, we would love to assist to bring your Rainbow event theme to life.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us…we can’t wait to get started!

Rainbow CardsRainbow Invitaion CardTables On Rainbow EventRainbow Bouquet