Corporate Event Inspiration – Umbrella Decor

There is something so whimsical about umbrellas.  Maybe it’s because they were Mary Poppins’ chosen form of transport as she flew away into the never never.  That moment changed them from being a practical instrument to the stuff of magical fairytales.

When they are used in event decor, they bring back a little bit of your childhood, a little make-believe even to the seasoned event goer.

We have collected a few of our favourite images below that inspire us in our corporate event styling.  I particularly love the white umbrellas bathed in soft shades of purple and a warm white glow, or when they are surrounded by trailing fairylights as seen at the Burning Man Festival.  The paper parasol backdrop is a clever idea for brides and groom’s to say their vows in front of, or even to back a photo booth or lolly buffet.  Loving Botanical styling as much as I do, I love the inverted brolleys dripping with greenery and blooms.  Suspended above a dance floor makes for incredible photo opportunities, or frilly and patterned ones are stunning when used as props as seen at the circus event.

We hope you enjoy strolling through the gallery below, and as always, if you are looking for ways to make your corporate event stand out, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Golden Umbrella Decoration White Umbrella Decoration Romantic CoupleUmbrella DecorationCircus Umbrella For Decoration