Corporate Event Inspiration – Flower Walls

Our mate Kim K might have brought flower walls into the spotlight with her June wedding, but they have been used for years by creative event planners and fashion designers around the world.

In 2012, at Christian Dior’s Autumn/Winter Couture show,  grand rooms inside a Parisian mansion were decorated with one million real flowers.  WOW!

Paper flowers have also made a debut, and create their own sense of beauty with giant frilly blooms en masse, soaring up metres into the air.

Brides are even opting to leave the traditional wedding arbour behind, and say I Do in front of a giant ornate frame filled with flowers. Smaller installations are perfect to back a lolly bar, desert buffet, cake table or photo booth.

Even the vintage inspired DIY of bright flower heads with long stems taped to a bare wall is spectacular.  I would love to re-create this in my bedroom!

For a softer look, flower heads can be threaded with fishing line and suspended behind a bridal table or from a tree. This gives the effect of them magically floating in mid air.

If a botanical look is more your style, vertical succulent gardens are incredible. I especially love them on industrial style pallets with greenery dripping in between the slats. If green is your thing, how completely amazing are the fern fronds en masse.

Have a break and stroll through the gallery of our fave flower walls, and if you are looking for ways to make your corporate event or wedding stand out, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Ceiling Of FlowersFern WallFlowers WallLadies in Front of Flower WallFlower WallGreener WallKimye Flower Wall