5 ways you can stop your corporate event being a flop

Organising a corporate event can be very stressful for someone who doesn’t do it professionally. There are literally hundreds of different ways to create your event and a huge variety of options for the design, layout and general organisation for the event. Worst of all, after everything has been meticulously planned and the night is upon you, there is still the final fear… will people actually show up and enjoy it?

Having been in the corporate event planning business for over 10 years we have a very good understanding of what makes people have a night they won’t forget as opposed to a night they wish they could forget. Below is a list of 5 methods you can use to ensure that people show up and have a good time.


1. Create a reward for showing up and staying the whole night:

It may seem simple enough, but people love being recognised and rewarded. Often corporate events are a great time to recognise members of staff for their hard work. Activities, such as light-hearted award ceremonies, are always popular. To make them more fun, you could add some tongue –in-cheek categories such as “most likely to be famous”, “funniest staff member” etc.

Schedule the award ceremony towards the end of the night, so people are more likely to stay.


2. When coming up with a theme, ensure it is relevant, pleasant and easy to take part in

Every party should have a theme! The event will be easy to prepare for, easier to market and sets a scene for the whole evening. There are a few considerations to remember when coming up with a theme: Firstly make sure it is relevant to the purpose of the event.

For example, if it is team building have people come dressed as teams or groups. Make sure that your theme is appropriate for the season. If it is winter don’t make people dress down and vice versa. Click here to check out our list of excellent corporate events ideas and themes.


3. Utilise social media before, during and after the event.

Social media is everywhere right now, and it is getting used more and more in corporate environments to communicate with staff. Here are a few social media platforms you can use and how you can use them

Facebook – create a group and use this to communicate ideas and answer questions. You can also use Facebook to invite people and get an idea of how many people will be attending.

Instagram – Create a hashtag around the event such as #YourCompanyPatyTime and have a designated photographer upload all of the photos taken that evening with that hashtag. This will allow the participants to find the photos. You can also allow anyone else taking photos to use that hashtag so all photos are combined.

YouTube – Create a private YouTube channel, get someone to video the event and quickly edit it. Then email the link to all the participants for their enjoyment.


4. Be organised! Tell people exactly what to expect and over-deliver

The main reason parties and events go wrong is disorganisation. The theme of the party must match the food, music and atmosphere. Imagine holding a ballroom event and serving a bowl of chips for snacks, instead of appropriate appetisers.

To ensure people know what to expect give your potential guests a full run down on the written invitation and also let them know the schedule upon confirmation of attendance.

Ensure the venue is setup ahead of time so even the early attendees will feel welcome and comfortable.

Try to ‘over-deliver’: for instance, include a welcoming gift, or if people have to pay for drinks, try to negotiate a free bottle of wine per table.


5. Make sure people don’t have to go to work the next day

Let’s face it, whether work or not, when it is party time it is ok to let your hair down a bit and have some fun. There is nothing worse than having a great night and remembering you have to work the next day. Also, these companies may not like the lack of production the next day, when people may be nursing headaches.

We trust the above advice has given you some actionable information for the next time you have to plan your corporate event. If you ever require assistance, please feel free to contact us. Corporate event planning is our speciality.


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