2015 Brit Awards

I know we are sooooo late with this post…but it’s been wedding season so I have an excuse for not getting to this earlier =)

I actually can’t believe the Brit Awards were in February!  I sat on the couch and watch all of the fabulous artists be awarded for their contribution to music and marvelled at the range of Sam Smith, and song writing skills of Ed Sheeran.

Apart from the musicians, what really captured my attention was the fabulous set design!  Floating, illuminated words throughout the ballroom were ethereal and enchanting.  I couldn’t quite read what they said….and I had to know!  So I went on a hunt and found that the words are actually the same as on the unique statue presented to winning artists, and the handwriting is a trade marked scrawl by UK artist Tracey Emin.

The statuette read:

“Congratulations on your talent on your life, On everything you give to others, Thank you”

These same words were mirrored in the set design, and were suspended over the tables.  

I’ve put this firmly in my memory bank….incredible inspiration for future events.

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