My Wedding Has to be Postponed Due to COVID-19… Now What?

Firstly, take a deep breath and hold your head up high. Postponing does not mean your love is cancelled! Your first step, is make sure you’re reading COVID updates from official government websites, such as, and not news websites looking for clicks. Mass hysteria isn’t going to help anyone! But where to start? As wedding and event planners also trying to find the best way forward, we recommend starting with developing a “Plan B” and being open to making changes, such as having a weekday wedding instead of the originally planned weekend one. With continuously changing restrictions, you may come up to your wedding date and find you can go ahead with your original plans, “Plan A”; however, if restrictions carry through, you’ll have an established “Plan B”.

When it comes to making a “Plan B”, your wedding planner is going to be your best friend! Sit down with them and go through your established plans and timeline. Start from the top and figure out what needs to be done to make this postponement as seamless as can be. Most importantly, this means making phone calls and talking to your wedding venue and vendors. Communication about your new plans is key, whether they be a new date or indefinite postponement. Your vendors will also be struggling and for the most part, they will understand and hopefully even allow a postponement with credit service. But make these changes as soon as possible. As the wedding industry tries to accommodate and adjust to everything around COVID, more dates will start filling up extremely quickly as postponements numbers increase.

And what if we go ahead as planned?

If you choose to proceed with “Plan A”, we encourage you to work with your wedding or event planner on the Gold Coast to adjust your details and put processes in place to ensure your wedding is as COVID-safe as possible. For assistance on this, you may refer to our previous blog for a breakdown on the current wedding COVID restrictions in your state. Many couples may even consider “Plan C” and choose to elope. This allows you to say “I do” on your original day but ensures you don’t compromise your guest’s safety. After all, I’m sure your wedding planner would love to help organise a postponed reception to celebrate with everyone after this crazy time is over!