Monthly Archives: August 2017

Halloween Event Theme

…Talking mirrors and poison apples… …Cursed sleep and lethal spindles…  …Magic potions in crumbling cauldrons…  Between Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After  where jilted witches live deep inside haunted forests and bone-grinding giants roam the skies., you will find the dark side of fairytales, and our inspiration for a beguiling Halloween themed event. We […]

Moulin Rouge Event Theme

In 2001 Baz Luhrman’s masterpiece “Moulin Rouge” took the cinematic world by storm. Spectacularly theatrical with sumptuous sets, enthralling characters and exquisite costumes, this movie launched a trend for events in the same theme.  16 years later (really!!??? REALLY??!!) it is still one of our favourite themes as it gives the opportunity to create a […]