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Umbrella Decoration On Event

Corporate Event Inspiration – Umbrella Decor

There is something so whimsical about umbrellas.  Maybe it’s because they were Mary Poppins’ chosen form of transport as she flew away into the never never.  That moment changed them from being a practical instrument to the stuff of magical fairytales. When they are used in event decor, they bring back a little bit of […]

Wedding Venue

Corporate Event Inspiration – Flower Walls

Our mate Kim K might have brought flower walls into the spotlight with her June wedding, but they have been used for years by creative event planners and fashion designers around the world. In 2012, at Christian Dior’s Autumn/Winter Couture show,  grand rooms inside a Parisian mansion were decorated with one million real flowers.  WOW! Paper […]

Tables Layout On Event

Corporate Event Inspiration – Table Layouts

One of the things I relish most about corporate events is the opportunity to be so uniquely creative. There is so much more scope with colours and decor, pushing the design boundaries for seasoned event goers  who have “seen it all”. Even traditional themes like Masquerade or Circus can be reinvented in new and exciting […]